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M1 Dr. Chouana American/ British studies 2021-2022Information
"formation" Dr. BOUMARAF Amel Technique du Travail Universitaire 20-21 Information
"Formation" Achi Mebarka Phonetics and Phonology 2020-2021 L1Information
Literary Texts
L2 British Civ Dr. Chouana SE 2 2020-2021Information
M1 Dr. Chouana American studies SE 2 2020-2021Information
Lecture 1 Introduction to British Literature
Equivalence according to J.P.V and J.D 2nd Y lesson 7 S1 20/21 Sonia RamdaneSelf enrolmentInformation
Scientific Tr VS literary Tr 2nd y lesson 4 S1 20-21 Sonia Ramdane Self enrolmentInformation
Technical Translation Terms Lesson 2, 2nd y S1 20/21 Sonia RamdaneSelf enrolmentInformation
"Formation" Dr. Khaled Chouana British Civilization 20-21 M1 Guest accessInformation
Culture and Civilization Dr. Khaled Chouana 2nd yearInformation
"Formation" Dr. Fayçal Saoudi Linguistics 2020-2021 L1Guest accessInformation
Philosophical antecedents of psychology
Cognitive psychologyInformation
Translation Practice 2nd y Sonia RamdaneGuest accessInformation
Translated Text Analysis 2nd Y Sonia RamdaneGuest accessInformation
Translation Glossary 2nd y Sonia RamdaneGuest accessInformation
literary texts . First yearInformation
AMERICAN LITERATURE Kahoul I Master1Self enrolment

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