American studies master1 Dr. Chouana.K
(Am.St M1)

The course is a critical look at contemporary America through the analysis of several articles, literary texts and visuals which provide a holistic introduction to the ideas, culture, history and politics of the USA of today. The aim of the American Studies course is to familiarize Master 1 students with some domestic and foreign issues of contemporary America and enable them to develop their critical thinking by introducing them to the pluridisciplinary study of American culture, history, politics and society. Our scientific journey will start with “US Culture and Politics” in which we will examine the ideas, philosophy and values that shape the contemporary American society. Section two, “Mass Media in America”, puts a stress on mass media and its influence on US society. After that, section three tackles US foreign policy and focuses on international issues that involve the USA. The fourth and final section analyzes US democracy and the work of the last two presidents, namely Barack Obama and Donald Trump. By the end of the course, students should be able to engage in critical discussions and write academic compositions about several aspects of social, cultural, historical, and political life of the USA.

Lecture duration: 1h30 / week (12 sessions)

Assessment: written exam and ongoing evaluation which focuses on attendance and students’ own work throughout the course (participation, readings, oral presentation, and a short test).