Master1/ Dr. Zoulaikha Elbah/ Introduction to Discourse Studies

Discourse Analysis is interested in the analysis of spoken, written, sign or any other discourse in its context of use. It is an interdisciplinary field of study that draws on several disciplines. Also, discourse analysis findings are of interest to different practitioners in different fields. In our context, Discourse Analysis Course is addressed to master one students, and aims at introducing them to the field of discourse analysis. It tackles different topics, including, discourse analysis theoretical assumptions, comparing and contrasting spoken and written discourses, addressing linguistic structures, cohesion and coherence, etc. It also includes examples of analysed discourse using different analytical tools, and directs students to check other ones. Taking Discourse Analysis Course is an opportunity for students to have access to theoretical conceptualization and methodology related to discourse analysis. This would prepare them to try out different discourse analysis methods in future research.