Develop the reading, writing, listening and speaking abilities of the students.


The English syllabus consists of a set of texts containing scientific and technical parts. The chosen texts must be used to study scientific and technical English and Grammar acquisition.

The texts must be selected according to the vocabulary built up, familiarization with both scientific and technical matters in English for further understanding. Therefore, each text will be defined by a set of vocabulary concepts, a set of special sentences (idioms) and comprehension questions.

The texts must contain also a terminology which means the translation of some words from English to French one. Besides, the activity at the end of each session must include a translation of long statements which are selected from the texts.


Examples for some lectures:

Examples of Word Study: Patterns


Chain Reaction.

Reactor Cooling System.

Conductor and Conductivity.

Induction Motors.


Liquid Flow and Metering.

Liquid Pumps.


Road Foundations.

Rigid Pavements.

Piles for Foundations.

Suspension Bridges.

Explanation of Cause


Conditions (if), Conditions (Restrictive)

Eventuality Manner

When, Once, If, etc. + Past Participle

It is + Adjective + to

As It is + Adjective or Verb + that…

Similarity, Difference

In Spite of, Although

Formation of Adjectives

Phrasal Verbs